Bidding Strategies (Optimisation)

Optimised bidding strategies are currently in alpha phase. See Roadmap for information on release plan.
What is bidding strategy ?

The bidding strategy controls the process of bidding for your campaign. Default bidding strategy ensures that your campaign will bid on all available and matching incoming requests after internal competition. On the other hand, optimised bid strategies help you reach certain goal of metrics such as CR (Conversion Rate), CTR (Click-through rate) or VR (View rate). The strategies behind optimised bidding strategy will control the bidding frequency dynamically to limit traffic which does not meet the goal set. Note that, if you set optimised bid strategy, your campaign will be receiving less traffic compared to default bidding strategy.

Example : Suppose you want your banner campaign to have average CTR of 3% at least. You should set bidding strategy "Optimised for CTR" and set goal to "3%". The system will automatically control the frequency of bidding for your campaign to move CTR towards your goal i.e. 3%.

List of available bidding strategies
Name Related Metrics
Default Bidding Strategy None
Optimised for better VR Vieability Rate (VR)
Optimised for better CTR Click-through Rate (CTR)
Optimised for better CR Conversion Rate (CR)
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