Dynamic Bidding Rules

Defining Dynamic Bidding Rules

Go to specific campaign and open "reports" tab. Under "Table Reports", select dimensions for which you want to apply dynamic bids. For example, in above screenshot, we have selected country and operating system as dimensions. Check "Dynamic Bid" column. Hover over the record and you can edit dyanamic bid for given value of the dimension. For example, in above screenshot, we have set $3.00 dyanmic bid if the user is from country IN (India) and using Android operating system.

Managing Dynamic Bidding Rules

Go to "bidding" tab of the campaign. Here you can see all dynamic bidding rules you have defined from reports for given campaign. You can either edit price or delete any rule. In above example, first rule defines $ 1.2 bid price for country `IN` (India). However, rule 3 defines that users having operating system `Android` and from 'IN' should have $3 bid. This way, you can define multi-dimensional dynamic bidding rules for micro-bidding. Micro-bidding allows you to optimise your campaign by narrow segments and maximize the revenue.

Default CPM Bid as set in "bidding" tab is considered for all requests which does not match with any dynamic bidding rule.

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