Reporting Metrics

Name Description Example
Bids Total number of bids campaign have placed on auctions. 10000
Wins Total number of auctions won by campaign. 8000
WR Win rate of the campaign (rate of wins to bids). 80 %
Impressions Total number of times your advertise has been viewed by users. 7000
VR View rate (rate of impressions to wins). 87.5 %
Clicks Total number of times user has clicked on your advertise. 700
CTR Click-through rate (rate of clicks to impressions). 10 %
Conversions Total number of conversions tracked by campaign. 7
CR Conversion rate (rate of conversions to clicks). 1%
eCPM Effective cost per mile, indicates actual price you are spending per thousand impressions. $ 1.42
eCPC Effective cost per click, indicates actual price you are spending per one click. $ 0.014
eCPA Effective cost per conversion, indicates actual price you are spending per one conversion. $ 1.42
Spendings Total USD dollars campaign have spent. $ 10.00
P&L Profile & loss calculation as per spendings and tracked revenue. Positive indicates profit, while loss is indicated by negative values. $ 25.00
ROI Return of investment rate, calculated based on spendings & revenue. 250 %
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