Understanding Campaign Status

Campaign status "Running" indicates that your campaign is active on platform and is bidding on inventories.
Note that these reason will be displayed in red insead of "Running" text if campaign is not active.
Following is the list of reasons :
Reason Explanation
DAILY BUDGET REACHED Your campaign has reached maximum daily budget as defined in settings. Your campaign will be resumed next day or you can set higher daily budget in settings.
TOTAL BUDGET REACHED Your campaign has reached maximum total budget as defined in settings. You should update total budget in settings to resume campaign.
DYNAMIC BID TOO LOW. MINIMUM : 0.05 The dynamic bidding rule value is set below minimum allowed i.e. 0.05 in this case. Check bidding tab to update / delete such rule.
DEFAULT CPM BID TOO LOW. MINIMUM : 0.05 The default maximum CPM bid set under bidding tab is lower than allowed. i.e. 0.05 in this case.
CREATIVES APPROVAL PENDING All creatives of the campaigns are pending approval. The campaign will be automatically resumed once minimum 1 creative is approved. No action required from your side.
CREATIVES HAVE NO CREATIVES Display campaign does not have any creatives.
CAMPAIGN HAVE NO JAVASCRIPT Javascript tag campaign does not have proper jascript tag set.
INVALID JAVASCRIPT Javascript tag provided is not valid for JS tag campaign.
NO JS TAG SIZE SELECTED While running JS tag campaign, the size should be pre-selected for bidding under settings tab. Also make sure your JS tag serves that specific size only.
CAMPAIGN IS OUT OF TIME Current time does not fall into targeted timeframe under "Start date" and "End date" of the campaign under settings tab.
SELECT CATEGORIES Selecting campaign's IAB categories under settings tab is mandatory.
TURNED OFF Campaign has been turned off by advertiser or manager. Click "Start" on top campaign bar to resume.
INVALID LANDING PAGE URL The landing page URL is not valid URL.
INVALID ADVERTISER DOMAIN The advertiser brand domain is invalid.
INSUFFICIENT ACCOUNT BALANCE Your account does not have enough funds to run this campaign. Please go to wallet section and add funds via paypal.
PENDING APPROVAL Campaign is pending approval and will be approved or rejected within few minutes to hours by AQ team. No action required from your side.
YOUR CAMPAIGN WAS REJECTED BY AD QUALITY TEAM Your campaign has been reviewed and rejected by ad quality department due to violations in all exchanges.
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