Landing Page Quality Audit

Whenever you update landing page URL in your campaign, based on internal factors, your campaign will be re-sent for approval to our ad quality department. In case of violations detected, your campaign will be blocked in sensitive exchanges. In case of serious violations, your campaign will be rejected and will not be allowed to be served in any exchange.

In case your campaign is blocked in specific exchanges, you will see detailed reason listing violations which caused your campaign to be blocked under "Inventories" tab.

Common guidelines for landing pages

Landing pages should never :

  • Lead to the malware, spyware, viruses etc. content which may harm devices of user.
  • Landing page should not be deceptive (including but not limited to: pages meant to simulate an interface, OS, copyright or trademarked content, make untrue statements, etc.)
  • Include any illegal/objectionable content (including but not limited to: ads promoting illegal substances, pirated goods/content, crime, hate content, weapons, etc.)
  • Use celebrities/trademarked brands to imply endorsements when they have not expressly endorsed the advertisers' product.
  • Use auto-redirect ads: Lead to any landing page without clicking on the ad.
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