Revenue, Profit & Loss Tracking


Enable revenue tracking under "Finance Settings" under "Settings" tab. You can either set "Revenue Per Click" or "Revenue Per Conversion". If you set "Revenue Per Click", you should set static amount on right side and no conversion postback setup is required.


When a user clicks on your advertisement, we generate a unique {subid} value. This value can be passed through to a landing page using a subid variable. Each system handles passing variables differently, so confirm with them what variables you need to pass. When a conversion occurs, send an HTTP request to the following URL:{subid}&amount={amount}

Make sure to pass {subid} to landing page using macro parameter. The exact {subid} should be passed to postback URL on conversion. The &amount={amount} query parameter is optional and should be used only if each conversion has dynamic revenue.

List of all available landing page URL macros can be found here : Supported Tracking Parameters (Macros).


The advertiser landing page url is:

The advertiser uses the variable "mysubid" for passing subid information. In the Landing page URL field, you would enter:{subid}

When a user clicks your advertisement a unique value is created and they would be redirected to :

Send an HTTP request to our server to register a conversion worth $2 USD :

The passing of amount in conversion postback is optional. You can also define static amount under settings tab and omit amount query parameter on conversion postback.

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